So wait…Who are we?

We are two guys, sharing the conversation on all things men’s lifestyle. Under the banners of Fitness, Entertainment, Social Conventions and “Adulting” , we share our passions, knowledge and life experiences (as well as those from guest speakers) to help educate and revitalize the modern man.

Here’s a look at each of us:

James Rose

James is not from Australia, or New Zealand, or Lithuania…

James is a Personal Trainer, working at Onelife Fitness in downtown Kansas City. He moved from England in 2013 and loves writing, doing voiceover work and of course – podcasting! James works on another show as the host of “Who Kicked the Corner Flag?” – an English Premier League Quiz show.

Kalan Smith

Kalan still can’t get over being insulted by the Wii Fit. It told him he was fat.

Kalan is actually in the best shape of his life. As an active member of a local Crossfit gym, Kalan loves to workout on a regular basis. In his spare time, he kicks back with a bottle of Angry Orchard and plays Destiny! He’ll also host the occasional house party, complete with Cards Against Humanity!


Media Kit

Introduction- What is it?

The Bros and Blokes Lifestyle Academy is a weekly men’s wellness and lifestyle podcast, discussing the many aspects of Health and Fitness, Society and Culture, "Adulting" and Entertainment. We record episodes that reflect on our three main objectives; To Teach, To Inspire, To Entertain. 

Who are we?

We are two guys. One bro, One bloke. One hails from the US Midwest, the other from the U.K. The two of us bring our own unique life experiences to the table. As a full-time Personal Trainer, James shares his experiences in the fitness industry. Kalan covers the entertainment base, bringing his passion for gaming, TV and movies with hot takes and thoughtful reviews. As ever-evolving adults, we continue to strive for successful responsibility and hope our past experiences (whether good or not), combined with guest appearances from experts in the field can teach listeners wise words on maturity and life enrichment.

How it began!

The idea was originally conceived as a ‘Fitness First, Fun Later‘ type of show, where we’d address the many areas on fitness before discussing something completely different. As our ideas progressed, we chose to expand the topics further to include more entertainment-based reviews, life-lessons and conversations on social conventions. We wanted a show that reminded us how to live a fulfilling life. Thus the idea of an academy was born; a place where we learn, enjoy and be entertained by our weekly episodes.


With James and Kalan sharing a passion for fitness, we wanted to create a unique space for those wanting to learn more about health and wellbeing. With the added extensions of Adulting, Entertainment and Society and Culture, we were able to create more of a "Men’s Wellness" feel to our show and give people the chance to learn and appreciate different aspects of modern life.


We are committed to providing 30-45 minute episodes at least once a week, by recording shows either in a timely manner to reflect the current trends, or well in advance of their release date. For our launch date on January 13th 2020, we released 4 episodes, one on each of our previous subject areas. We have now recorded over 80 episodes and (minus seasonal breaks) continue to record on a weekly basis.


Our podcast is hosted by Buzzsprout and is currently available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and I-HeartRadio. More information and blog posts can be found on our website brosandblokes.com and our social media avenues: Instagram (@brosandblokes), Twitter (@brosandblokes) and Facebook (/brosandblokes)