Feb. 10, 2020

"At Home" Fitness; Workouts for your Personal Space

In another Fitness check-in, the guys go over some ideas for working out at home. Tyler presents three different "Categories" of money, all dependant on budget. They are

"Limited Budget", "Ready to Invest" and "Ballers"

Each one presents each own unique workout structures that can help get you in better shape in your own home.

Things to consider:

- Learn the movements FIRST! This can be done by finding a well-established Fitness guru on Youtube or Instagram
- Dedicate specific time each day to get your workouts in. Sometimes, people find it hard to separate chill-out time with workout time- especially in the home!
- DON'T use a'Cat Litter TRAY' for your workouts! Use the Container that the Cat Litter comes in. (Listen to the episode to know what we're talking about here.)

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