Jan. 13, 2020

Beers you HAVE to try!

We "tap" into our social side today as we explore beers (and ciders) you may not have come across and could be missing from your fridge.

We break down the hidden qualities of each of our choices including origins, how we discovered it, how to buy it and price point. Here are those drinks:

1) Steigl Radler - Grapefruit - https://www.stiegl.at/en/beers/classic-beers/stiegl-radler-grapefruit
2) Torn Label's 'Monk and Honey' - http://www.tornlabel.com/beer-type/monk-honey/
3) Five Farms - https://fivefarmsirishcream.com/
4) Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer - https://www.crabbiesgingerbeer.com/en/
5) Boulevard Brewing's 'Easy Sport' - https://www.boulevard.com/2019/03/25/easy-sport-recreation-ale/
6) Angry Orchard - Hard Cider - https://www.angryorchard.com/

For local Kansas City residents, most choices can be picked up from your local major grocery chain (e.g. Walmart, Hyvee, Price Chopper). All other residents can check out their website for ways to purchase.

Remember- the legal drinking age for U.S. Citizens is 21 and older.


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