April 14, 2021

NOBULL - A Bloke's Review

NOBULL - A Bloke's Review

(By James Rose)

In short:

A great shoe. Comfortable, non-slip and breathable! Great for increased movement patterns and WOD's. 9/10

Pros and Cons:

PRO: A spacious toe box; ideal for those with slightly larger toes or wider feet.
PRO: Available in a variety of colours and styles, to match your personality.
PRO: Nice long laces, to help tighten shoe to the foot. (More secure for those Box Jumps!)

CON: The patches of glue on the outer rim a little off-putting/concerning at first...
CON: Pricey! (Around $150 all-in). Hard to find discounts for. Rumours of Crossfit Level 1 coaches discounts perhaps...
CON: Inside lettering peels quickly. Have to scrape it off after first few workouts.


A little more detail...

With the NoBull Brand becoming the new official sponsor of the Crossfit Games, it's hard to ignore the company's rise to the top. With their unique, sleek designs and patterns, the shoes appeal to pretty much everyone! 

In my experience, Nike Metcons are just a little too snug; especially around the sides of my feet. And the Metcon 5's have a strange heel slip that over time I've got used to, but it was very noticeable initially. After hearing mostly positive things about the NoBull, I thought it was time to commit to my own pair. 

The unboxing was just as satisfying as any other...that new shoe smell! But what startled me at first was the small patches of glue spots around the outer sole. I was quick to lick the finger in an attempt to wipe it off, and nothing came off easy. I was soon reassured by friends that, over time, the glue spots fade

 and becomes unnoticeable. Thankfully, this is the case.

Once secured to the feet, the shoes are snug - but not tight. I tried some tuck jumps to see how they felt with soft landing. Pretty sturdy! I then ran paced around my living room to see if I could notice any aggressive heel slip or loose fitting. They were hard to beat. In one last attempt to find a flaw, I scooted my toes up against the upper inside wall and measured the gap between my heel and the back. Now, worth mentioning one of my feet is slightly smaller than the other. So yes, my thumb could slide down the gap on one foot. But the sizing, relative to the other shoes I buy in a 9.5 US, was pretty on-point. 


After wearing them for 5+ workouts now, my initial thoughts are very positive. I have yet to experience any bad odors (a comment from a friend who bought a pair a while back) and they are also yet to come apart despite suspicious glue spots. For those looking for a decent, versatile shoe with a large variety of styles, go with NoBull! It's a decent step up from a Converse, but could potentially be less durable than a more prolific name brand. To be determined... 9/10