Those Recommended Fitness Reads for Building Muscle - DRAFT

When it comes to a weight-lifters education, nothing is more important than stepping away from the internet forums and picking up a published read from industry experts. But which ones? From weightlifting for beginners to corrective strategies, these are just some of those that are worth checking out!

The following are personal choices and NOT in any affiliate relationship with us.

'Scrawny to Brawny' by John Berardi and Michael Mejia

For me, this book became the ultimate foundation to my fitness journey. As a skinny individual who once weighed 126lb, this book and program helped me add a good 20lb of muscle to my frame. It provides different phases of training, from a correctional phase to a maximal strength phase and has a whole section dedicated to the nutritional side of your fitness journey. (My jaw dropped at the prospect of how many calories I needed to eat a day...but they were right!)

For those slim guys new to working out, I would HIGHLY recommend reading this one.

'Starting Strength' by Mark Rippletoe

Many novice and experience lifters consider this one the bible for lifting. It may initially come across as an intimidating read, with limited images (old school black and white) and specific muscle vocabulary, but Mark Rippletoe's expertise truly translates. He helps those with mixed experiences improve their compounds lifts. Worth taking the time to read through.

'Rebuilding Milo' by Dr Aaron Horshig

The founder of Squat University has created a phenomenal resource in his latest book! It goes beyond the basic cues for fixing squats and provides correctional advice and systematic progressions for working crucial elements of body mechanics. (e.g. a Single-legged squat). Complete with awesome illustrations, this well-structured guide is ideal for any weightlifting fanatic.

Hardgainers Guide to Building Muscle, Strength and Mass   Augustus Sims

A much simplier read from the others, in that Augustus condenses most of the imformation needed into easy-to-understand methods...COMPLETE??

'Bigger, Leaner Stronger' by Michael Matthews

The founder of Legion Athletics (supplement company) and author of The Shredded Chef, Mike Matthews pens a really nice reads that helps simplify even the toughest fitness theories, as well as debunking some age old myths. From thoughts on boosting your willpower, to creating a structured meal plan with macronutrients counts, this fitness read covers all the bases. (He's recently published a sequel, 'Beyond Bigger, Leaner, Stronger - certainly more thorough but equally worth your time!)