Those Streaming Shows you May Have Missed

Ted Lasso - AppleTV+

Messiah - Netflix

The Boys - Amazon Prime

Broadchurch - Netflix (ITV)

The Bodyguard - Netflix


Ted Lasso

Arguably one of the surprise hits of the year, cemented by its 20 Emmy nominations! (and with a 2nd season!). Jason Sudeikis stars as the American Football coach Ted Lasso, who moves to London to manage an English "soccer" club on the brink of relegation from the English Premier League. The comedy comes from the variety of cultural clashes and witty banter. But at its core, it's a heartwarming story of the power of human kindness and how we should never take individuals on face value.  



Much to my surprise, this story of how many become believer of the Son of God was not renewed for a 2nd season. Messiah tells the fictional story of a young man who adopts the persona of Jesus. He travels to America as a way to prove his holiness and demonstrate his identity by walking on water. It leaves people wondering if he truly is the Son of God, or illusionist with a hidden agenda. Worth a watch!


The Boys

This show came in strong as one-of-a-kind. It's a superhero show - nothing new there - but one that exemplifies a world where the superheroes aren't the heroes we expect. Imagine a corrupt Avengers, or a corporation of heroes all hired for financial and political gain. It's left up to a bunch of misfits on uncover the sacred truth behind them. Expect shocking visuals and grotesque moments in this one!



It's been a while since I've been left wondering 'whodunnit' in this unique murder mystery. Set in a quaint English seaside town, a blunt detective (played by David Tennant with his thick Scottish accent) is tasked with finding the murderer of a 10-year old boy. Each episode leaves you second-guessing your previous thoughts on the suspects! Also starring Olivia Coleman ('The Crown'), expect a powerful drama, packed with intrigue.


The Bodyguard

Starring the guy who died early on in Game of Thrones (NAME), this show takes the suspense levels to an 11, just from the opening! A professional bodyguard is hired to protect a British politician, soon to find himself wrapped in the very scandal surroudning an attack on her. A great show that unpacks each layer of the Bodyguard's character from each episode.