May 17, 2021

British vs American: Childhood Memories

In today's episode, we explore those fun cultural differences between our respective childhoods! James brings some rather unique British memories to the table and Kalan recalls those US classics. In some instances, the memories were commonly known. Others...not so much!

Below are links to those key TV Shows, Toys, Music and Popular Figures:

In order of discussion:

TV Shows:
- Rosie and Jim
- Thunderbirds
- Wallace and Gromit
- Batman: The Animated Series
- Mr Blobby/Noel's House Party

- Furby
- Gameboy
- Tamagotchi
- Skip It

Music/Popular Culture:
- The Cartoons - "Witch Doctor"
- Aqua - "Barbie Girl"
- Spice Girls
- The 'A' Team

Other mentions: Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Pokemon Cards, Bop-It.

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