Feb. 19, 2021

February Download: Tom Brady, WandaVision, The Little Things

Welcome to our February Monthly Download episode, a little later than usual!

We start by resurrecting those painful Superbowl memories...Tom Brady claimed his 7th ring vs the Chiefs. We discuss whether he will forever be considered "the GOAT", and whether the floundering Chiefs performance gifted him that boost in his GOAT status.

We break down the latest in the Marvel Universe with a deep dive into 'WandaVision', the first immersive iteration of the MCU  cannon to grace Disney+. But is the plot unique, or has it been borrowed from a previous 1960's show...(hint from news article: Borrowed from Twilight Zone.)

To conclude, we share our thoughts on the latest HBO Max movie, starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto. "The Little Things" is the latest crime thriller to grace our screens. But is the story realistic? Is it "Oscar" worthy?


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