Oct. 12, 2020


Here it is. The highlights from Season 2!
Here's a list of each clip and the episode it came from:

1) What is Protein? - Ep.12 'Macronutrients: What Are They? What Ratios?'

2) Coffee flavors - Ep.3 'How to Appreciate Good Coffee (w/Roasters Marketplace)'

3) Kalan's "horrific" horror game experience - Ep.15 'Those Horror Games That Shaped the Genre'

4) James's overhead squat assessment - Ep.10 'Fitness 101: The Squat'

5) Olympic lifting shoes - Ep.6 'The Shoe Game: Finding Your Fitness Footwear'

6) Marcus Officer's "on-camera" reporting experience - Ep.11 'How to Become a News Reporter'

7) Fitness Goal-setting thoughts w/Zach Morgan - Ep22 'Those Fitness F.A.Q's'

8) Thoughts on "Cosplay" - Ep.18 - 'The Art of Cosplay (w/Kelee the Terrible Hime)'

9) James is a ranger assassin... - Ep.21 - Getting to Know "Dungeons and Dragons"

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