April 20, 2020

Seasonal Mixer (Season 1 Highlights)

Welcome to our inaugural seasonal mixer! A collection of highlights from our first season of shows.

Here's a list of each clip and the episode it came from:

1) Cardio vs Strength - Ep.1 'Fact or Fake News; Lifestyle Statements'

2) Tyler introduces 'BroForce' - Ep.6 'Video Games You've Yet to Discover'

3) Hooligans in English Soccer - Ep.9 'Getting to Know the English Premier League'

4) Kalan's childhood discipline - Ep.10 'Parenting DO's and DON'Ts'

5) Sports drinks and teeth, feat. Dr Ryan Dhalquist - Ep.14 'Things you didn't know about your Teeth'

6) Rhabdomyolysis in Crossfit, feat. Justin Powell - Ep.5 'What is Crossfit? (And Should I be Doing it?)'

7) Bench Lift-off techniques - Ep16 'Fitness 101; The Bench Press'

8) The status of E-Sports - Ep.12 - 'E:Sports; Is this for Real?!'

9) The least physically active states - February Download

10) Origins of food flavorings... Ep.3 Beers you HAVE to try!

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